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It all starts with a promise from a stranger . . .
"We’ll take care of everything."

Good as Dead: A Novel

by Susan Walter (author)


Holly Kendrick’s husband is dead. Holly saw it all. In one violent moment, a hit-and-run accident turns Holly’s life upside down.


Then a fixer for the high-powered guilty party approaches Holly with an offer she is in no position to refuse. Beginning with a luxury dream house, Holly and her daughter Savannah will want for nothing—all for the price of their silence.


But when their sudden appearance in privileged Calabasas, California piques the curiosity of neighbors, the price becomes greater than they imagined. Because Holly and Savannah aren’t the only ones with something to hide.


A struggling actress. A mysterious benefactor. A role to die for.

Over Her Dead Body: A Novel

Ashley Brooks’s life isn’t working out as planned. After years of struggling to make it in Hollywood, she’s still waiting for her big break. When fate leads her to the doorstep of legendary casting director Louisa Lake George, Ashley thinks her luck is about to change: the prickly old pro knows about a role she’s perfect for. The aspiring actress never gets to thank her, though, because the day after the audition, Louisa is dead. The bigger shock - she left all her money to Ashley.

Louisa’s grown children arrive stunned and ready to fight. Her nephew tries to play peacemaker, while Ashley grapples with why Louisa would leave her fortune to a stranger - and whether she should keep it.


Ashley quickly discovers everyone, including the dead woman, is hiding something, and it’s a race to get to the truth before someone else winds up dead.

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